Fiat Dino Spider 2400 For Sale

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Fiat Dino Spider 2400 For Sale

Beitragvon lincoln cooper » Fr 10. Apr 2020, 05:49

Good morning,
I hope you are as well as possible in this difficult time.

A Dino club Italia member has contacted us and would like to sell his 2400 Spider - the car is in very good condition and the price is competitive at 135,000 euros. It is in central Italy.
If you are seriously interested then please let us know and we will put you in direct contact with the seller. Please email

Best wishes,
lincoln cooper
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Re: Fiat Dino Spider 2400 For Sale

Beitragvon Joe » Mo 18. Mai 2020, 16:22 ... ?id=917275

Dann ist Lincolns Angebot ja wirklich ein Schnäppchen

Gruss aus Luxemburg und bleibt alle gesund.

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